Website front-end update

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The website didn’t feel quite right. Using a JavaScript framework that added many new layers of abstraction was good for the quick prototype. It kept the project going. Still, something was itching. An urge to obliterate the black hole that goes by the name node_modules. Sorry soydevs, ain’t going along with the Hype Train.

As the current framework, vue.js, did not fit the fine-grained control preferred for this site, a challenge came up: rewrite the entire front-end in a day. No more. Just one day. To spice it up some more, no JS dependencies allowed.

Less BLOAT!!! It does not float my boat. Here is a confession: front-end is not my specialty, at all. I could use some help with that. Focusing on the features of the site instead of centering a div, which can be hard from time to time according to some, keeps me smiling instead of crying (not literally, crybabies).

And, surprisingly, it worked out perfectly. The site works just like before, without the shitty performance and with even more hidden extra features I could sneak in. As the site is mostly HTML and CSS, it displays fine without JS enabled. So for the more secure browser users, they can actually see the site (mostly). Only the post page does not work, as is fetched on the client side.

For those still wanting to check out the post, a RSS feed will be added soon ;). And yes, I am aware these users can’t read this post, so I will make it really obvious the RSS feed is added.

Check out the changes I made here: GitLab