Why is your site not static

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First of all, let’s talk about the post page. When I was designing it, there were a few choices.

I could make all the posts as HTML and serve them statically. The only parts that change from post to post are the content, date and title. This would work fine, but it has one flaw: the network traffic has a lot of boilerplate HTML. Why bother the server with that?

The API that comes with this website already serves the data that changes for each post. The job of the post page is to show it in the format you are used to. Besides that, you can always read the posts via the RSS feed (link deprecated, see top of post).

Although it saves a bit of data, it does make the website overengineered. A good friend pointed out that the pages can use caching, if you use a static site. As a bonus, more of the JavaScript can be removed, which is another victory for the website. So the website will move towards being more static, as that suits the small scale better.