Mobile phones

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What a day it is to be alive. The last few months I have been thinking of alternatives to smart phones. And I am not talking about the good ol’ cell phones, no not even those. Although replacing my smart phone with a regular cell phone was my initial plan, that plan vanished when I came across Richard Stallman’s view on mobile phones.

So alright, where are the bottlenecks? Here is the list of services that still need a solid replacement:

To fix the first one, you can always rely on E-mail. Not that exciting. Other social media will work in this case, even though it isn’t as clean.

Second one: voice mails do the trick; Just redirect the caller to any other preferred media. Last one, time to get more fancy. Those U2A keys look promising, will get those.

But wait I hear you say, what if you want to call emergency services? Well guess what, almost anyone you come across has a smart phone or cell phone, so it is less of a worry. Hooray for the normies giving up their privacy to save your arsch

For those situations you know you will be on your own, away from civilization, it becomes a whole other story. Until then, let’s focus on other stuff shall we?