Mobile phones

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What a day it is to be alive. The last months I have been thinking of alternatives to the modern smartphone. Like perhaps the good old cellphones, simple and functional. These are now commonly referred to as dumbphones, as opposed to smartphones which have slowly become the standard.

Suppose you want to make the switch to a dumbphone, what are the roadblocks that lie ahead? Smartphone specific messaging services need a solid replacement when you used a smartphone before. Having your contacts switch over to other protocols could be unrealistic. You can adapt slowly, by simplifying the amount of services you use first. This also includes other services, like 2FA. I opted for the tool pass together with the extension pass-otp to replace 2FA. I like pass as you can script it.

Ideally, I wouldn’t even carry a smartphone. But until that is a reality, let’s focus on other stuff shall we?