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Into the land of LISP

My journey with clojure started a year ago. This LISP and others were already on my radar for a while.

They came up when searching for different programming paradigms, and which language supported them.

The adventure has since let me into wanting to read SICP, so stay tuned for that post once read.


The clojure website has a collection of helpful books. From that list, I read the following book:

  • Living Clojure: An Introduction and Training Plan for Developers, 1st edition

It was the perfect fit, as it was somewhat shorter and more hands-on. So after only 212 pages, I already had all the knowledge needed to get started with writing any program desired.

To test this, I applied the new learned knowledge with some practice problems on 4Clojure. Each of these problems focuses on a set of features/functions in the language, in order to solve it concisely. The solutions to the problems surprised me in how simple they were. The simplicity was elegant, and made me curious enough to continue the journey.

(The 4Clojure site has since shut down, similar problems are still available)

So after doing some of these problems, both the theory and knowing when to use it started to click.

Own projects

In continuation, I made the following projects in Clojure:

This was all to tinker around with the language, and get a feel for how the actual programming experience is.

Something for you, the reader?

To find out if clojure fits your style, have a read of the clojure rationale