Prototype-focussed GameJam

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So what is the plan for the coming summer?

In short

Perhaps enjoy some self-made video-games. The plan is to make a ton, about six of them, one each week.

Having no concerns about the quality of them, they make for a great playground to improve all-round gamedev skills.

At the end, it results in something to enjoy and share.

It is as simple as that, so let us get started!

The games I will be making

Game the game

There will be a game about showing progression in gamemaking itself; A game which quality improves as you play.

So at first it will be crappy and questionable, but still in a way that makes for a good laugh.

Safe and sound

There will be a game focussed on atmosphere and emersion; Achieved by foley and fooling around with a guitar till it sounds decent.