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When researching the gopher protocol, I came across an explanation and instruction by HexDSL. It included microblogging with gopher, which was a neat way to do blogging.

So then the posts are more frequent, with smaller posts. More of a idea-dump/what have I been up to kind of thing. He did it on the gopher protocol, which was a protocol I did not hear of before. It is quite an elegant and minimal protocol to use instead of HTTP(s). The website you are currently visisting is also reachable over Gopher, it has a simple landing page that redirects to the HTTP(s) site for the blog.

Accessing the internet through gopher feels like you travelled back in time, in a good way. The websites of enthousiasts are way more visible, and popular content is mirrored. You can access these sites via a gopher client like gophie, it is worth taking a look around and perhaps you may also make your website accessable here.