Reversed Digital Notes

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Now that I have an Antinet, there is a new place to keep notes. Making them takes a bit more time, which is a natural filter to make them concise and to the point.

I wanted to re-use the notes I already had, and I came up with an interesting migrating strategy. The default would be to discard the old note, except for the lines that are still relevant and make sense to tell myself right now, to remind myself of later. That turned out to not be much, as a bunch was already internalized for the years I had it, no more need to keep it around; it had fulfilled its purpose.

The notes left were still interlinked. This sparked yet another idea: what if the purpose of the digital notes it so converge to no-connection notes? That the connections that are present represent draft connections, before I migrate it into the analog notes? Then the digital notes are truly capture notes, minimal, and made with a clear purpose.

So that is the way I will be doing it for the time being, letting go of everything that has used up its value.