Just wing It

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Story in short

On a Thursday, I walked by a fellow student doing hand-stands/arm-stands on their own in a park.

“Huh, that is pretty neat. Does not seem that hard with the ease of that stance. Still, I have never successfully done it. But is it that different than standing on your legs? Like, there is no need to also walk, which should be way more manageable.”

The idea of giving it another try began dawning more and more while I walked further. It took a total of three times of walking slower to an almost stand-still to give turning around an extra thought.

The break-through-thought was seeing it as an adventure, and not caring about anything else but having a moment to practice hand-stands. So I turned around, realizing I had already walked away for about a minute.

So the only sane thing to do was internally laugh, about how silly it was that I defaulted to walking away. As I approached the park again, we started off with a little chat. “You mind if I joined you, practicing hand-stands?” Hearing that sentence out loud was already worth it. “Yeah sure <both with a smile on our faces>”

Fast forward 1.5 hours, and we went from total strangers to good bros with a lot in common, wondering how we never met before :D