Analogy for primitive crypto

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Compared to cash, Bitcoin allows only having one dollar bills (small block size), and needing to write down an identification number on the bill each time you transact, whilst shouting this number out loud, hoping that it is heard and accepted by at least 51% of others in the network.

Alright, now the die-hard crypto-enthousiasts left :) So like with most proof-of-concepts, it has a major unseen flaw that is identified later because of its efforts to discover them. And for Bitcoin, this is mainly the block size and exposing of transaction data in raw form, allowing to graph all transactions publicly once you know the adress.

The good thing is that it has a hard limit on the maximum amount of Bitcoins. (For those concerned for the climate; it would have been real concern if emissions would have been reduced to the point where Bitcoin emissions would fit.)