Building the Journal Collection

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When choosing where to store my notes, having one clear place to store is most important to me. That is why I didn’t have much preference for the medium at first, as long it was only one.

This post is part one of the journey to build a life-long information system.

So let us stick to physical notes for now. In July of 2019, I started taking notes seriously with a purpose. The main idea was to get rid of sticky-notes, and have one place to find all the small notes; a bulletjournal


Figure 1: The current, third, journal used at the time of writing

They are presets you can use on any notebook; using Rapid Logging and having fixed logs for time-periods (days, months, future).

It was a place to write, track and get things done. All kinds of lists, like book to read or already read, got a place where they could easily be found, used and extended. So I questioned where the notes on those books should be stored. In the random notebooks I used till now? Or somewhere where you could also work with the notes? This will be discussed in the next part.