Git Server Update

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The git-repo’s I store mostly remain local to where they were first created. When starting out making projects, they were just plain folders ofcourse, there wasn’t much to version. After it grew, that collections of unfinished projects became sentimental, and deserved a “place on the shelf”. That show-off shelf that I used was called GitHub, as it is for most developers.

After a few years of tinkering, the paranoia of single point of failure asked for a solution. That solutions being mirroring to other git-servers; GitLab and a self-hosted git-server.

The self-hosted one required no extra installs, as it was git clone –bare till the end of repo’s was there. So it didn’t have one of those fancy front-end dashboards, issue-trackers and the rest of the jazz which makes it seem like a proper project to outsiders. So, announcing it here, it is now available for you to see as git-tea.