Keep the context and history in check

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The internet is full of outdated beliefs. It moves around with a will of its own, forming shared narratives by belief in what gets tossed around. It keeps sticking to us; stick around in the minds of those who carry it like a plague, eventually fulfilling its own prophecy.

But, the stickiness can dissolve if you let it sit and not pass it along. One example is web frameworks, especially those who have been around for longer and have improved greatly since. They still get a bad reputation because of their history.

It is easy to go along with the experience of those who have been programming in it for longer, even though their use-cases and starting point were different. Because you still don’t have the experience to join the discussion at that level, it is unfair in every way. The solution? Look into the matter yourself; give frequently changing software a fresh look, as if you are a beginner. Because you really are; just because it has the same name as before isn’t enough to know the experience, only experience will tell.