The code architect is the writer

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While working on a software project, you will constantly be confronted with architecture that was constructed. The architecture will leave its mark on your work process, as it has influence on how easy it is to test it and apply it to different context, like different production environments.

And as you are the one who is working on the architecture, it is part of the result you deliver. You do not deliver just the architecture, you also deliver the developer experience for the next person who will work on it. Changes in the architecture that take more time to fully implement can still be started. Write them in the current architecture, as nudges for the developers to show the current heading. What would happen to the code, if architecture improvements are only drafted in a report? The code changes in the meantime and the intent may be lost. Larger changes still have a start that can be found as a minimal solution that gets the idea across. And as it is minimal, reverting also is.