The new intern that joins companies all over the world

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Let’s suppose you are short staffed, and you want to change it. You could hire new staff members, but that would also slow down your current staff in the short term, even though it is good long term. What if there was some technology that gives every one of your current employees an intern? What do you mean you might question. An intern? Yes, but not a regular intern. An intern that joined millions of companies at the same time in a matter of weeks. An intern that learned by digesting the information on the internet, faster than you ever could.

This sounds promising, you might even give it a try, especially because it is free. To begin to understand the breadth this technology is granted, try to understand the technology by thinking of it as an intern. Try to visualize the amount of knowledge that is willingly exposed as if it is an intern belonging to the company. Because it has dialogues with the employees, and it is unclear if the employee even talks to them. It can be totally hidden, attempts to spot it are a lost feat. The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing, but meanwhile a new standard of performance is build. One that leaves the left hand no choice but to live up to its name it seems.