Why is your site static

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A few posts back, I talked about the pro and cons of making the site static. The initial blogpage had the posts page dynamic to save bandwidth. A valid point if you only consider loading the page once. But when it comes to longterm bandwidth usage by the F5 spamming monkeys, avoiding resending unchanged content becomes more than a nice-to-have. Static is the way to go after all for this site.

As a side-bonus, the server does not need to run node anymore. So the server is lighter as it only needs to serve static files. It now is Node-bloatâ„¢ free. So bye bye node.js fastify server, even you are not needed anymore. The spooky JSON layer is also removed now; Before, the server produced a JSON result from the entered posts, which was used by the client to display the proper HTML. What remains is a customizable input format that is directly converted into HTML using some templates. Adding shorthand-notations is easier then before, as it is just another layer of translation. And thus by accident, I made a transpiler!