Advent of Code 2021

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Aah, it is December everybody! For the coders among us, this means an entire month of themed fun. I am talking about the Advent of Code event, 2021 edition.

The solutions I will make will be in any LISP. To start off, the LISP of choice is Clojure I will attempt the first ten problems, as after the 10th of December I will focus on exams.

Three days in

So as it is the 3rd of December at the time of writing, I have already completed the first 3 days. And, by surprise, it is going well. The first problem being the easiest usually allowed me to focus on setting up a proper development environment. Initially I started with a Leiningen project, but quickly moved to bare deps.edn file (to keep it simpler).

After December

After I complete all the problems, I will post the solutions in this repository

So happy coding to all of you all participating!