A progress-summary: the last months

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Coding activity of the first months

The start of this year, 2022, went by fast! My goal was to catch up on some programming projects, by coding something every day till completion of the most fun projects.

As you can see, it took some time:


Figure 1: Coding activity for 2022 from January first till March fifth.

2 months and 5 days of daily commitment to be exact. It was refreshing to try, and I am happy with the results it brought.

It went easier than expected; I was already used to coding a lot, and the difficulty was just right to keep it exciting :)


  • The MBLF compiler done (this is a large milestone)
  • This Personal Website
    • has transfered to HyperLisp! as the markup syntax
    • has more quality-of-content upgrades
  • Complete transition to Arch-Linux on desktop
    • Added more dotfiles along the way
  • Completed 4 practicals within the followed CompSci course
    • Quickhull with AccelerateHS
    • Mini-C# compiler with ParserCombinators
    • Logical-Chainer (Forward and Backward)
    • A set of Prolog coding problems
  • Toyed around with LISPS, following SICP
  • Fixed random GitHub issues

Up next

These projects satisfied me for now, so I take a break for atleast the next week.