Learning React

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Learning frameworks after you learn underlying mechanics first, by attempting to make your own framework, works amazingly. That is why I did not stick with Vue.js for the front-end of this website, but went through the “hassle” of remaking it all on my own from scratch. Yes, the iceberg goes much deeper than the website-framework you are using. Personally, it defies the purpose to do everything from scratch on a single project when the components are fully interchangeable. It makes more sense to isolate the components you are doing from scratch to a project that can fully test it and grow alongside it.

React adventure

So I was already familiar with Vue.js, and doing React functionally peeked my interest. I had an amazing experience learning-while-doing with the “Learn React for Free”-course on scrimba (which is an interactive learning platform for programming).

It started with learning the names React had given to the stuff you typically want to do. Later, it was about enjoying the nuggets of attention of detail the developers have put into the framework.

  • Components are just JSX functions, thus can be passed to HOF’s
  • The easiness in-which you can make React lazy by passing as lambda’s
  • Effects-management